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What We Do

Information is easy. Finding it is hard.

Tomorrow's Search Today

Instantly search across the full text of any media type: video, audio, print, digital, social. And jump right to the pertinent page, timecode or section. In realtime.

Answers Right This Second

Move at light speed. No finding tapes, jumping between systems. The answers you need in one place. Search, check and go.

Unfiltered (But Filtered)

Our system works for any content. But our focus is getting answers straight from the source. Not snippets, but the full context of everything said. Immediately.

Neural Nets

Natural Language Processing. Semantic Analysis. Machine Learning. What does it mean? Who cares! You always find what you need. Protools. Fast. No plugins.

Professional Power

Custom views, shot lists, alerts, and thorough faceting. If you go through video for a living, we have the tools you need, ready to go.

Roll Your Own

Our Trump system is of-the-moment. But our system is individual (and language) agnostic. If you have video, we can put this all to work for you. We look forward to helping.

How We Do It

Part of our goal is to take a highly-technical, complex process and make it effortless.
How? See below for an example of the workflow for our Donald Trump database.

  • Step 1

    Find the right content.

    Our focus for the consumer site was Donald Trump. So we set up processes (and did a lot of searching) to locate deep troves of information. Complete videos of his speeches. Transcripts of interviews. Books. Court filings. The target was complete transcripts and video.

  • Step 2


    We set up a scalable structure that accommodated any media type, and broke it up into the appropriate pieces to effectively do our thing.

  • Step 3


    With that done, it was easy. We trained Margaret, our friendly pseudo artificial-intelligence bot, along with her helpers, to run all audio and video through a neural net to voiceprint and identify when Trump (vs. "Not Trump") was speaking, had her transcribe all the audio using a cluster of machine-learning algorithms and used semantic analysis and natural-language processing to tag, keyword and give meaning to the information, then had Margaret learn to identify Trump as well based on what he says and how he says it. Then we taught her to jump to the exact right place in videos and documents.

  • Step 4

    Expecto Petronum

    ...except we had to convince Margaret she wasn't Donald Trump at the end of the training. Version 2 solved that. That done...

  • Step 5

    ...we take Margaret's hard work (she keeps looking for new content constantly), put a nice full-text search on top of it, and delivered it to you.


  • Put this
    to work
    for you


Use our free version. Or get powerful production workflow tools and shave hours off your cycle time finding clips and content.

If you'd love to harness this power on your own content, give us a call.

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Full access to hundreds of hours of Trump video and audio
Search and jump to correct timecode in a single click
Continuous updates as new material is available
Fully-searchable interviews, position papers, legal documents, and books
Filter by media type
Compressed Professional View
Advanced filters - sort by date, location and much more
Full access to keywords, entity tags, topics and tone analysis of all material.
Customized shot list - save for later as you go
Custom alerts to monitor for topics, keywords
Visualizations - charts, graphs, word clouds. Don't just find. Analyze.
Ad-free experience
Enhanced support
Custom content library - do all this with your video assets... not just Trump
SLA, private site, installation on internal network or use ours
Dedicated account management and support
Custom voiceprinting - flag different people to extract and index
Integrates with existing video libraries via REST API.
...and much more.
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